Episode I
Felix & the robots
Felix works in a car factory, with several different types of robots.
There is a failure that Felix doesn't understand. He asks a colleague to help him. She talks to him through a mobile television.

So Soumia, what do you
advise me to do here?

Samia is going to guide him using a virtual reality headset.

Put your VR headset on,
I'm going to show you
the action plan.

This headset lets her screen the intervention plan on the faulty part.

Ok, I see.

Felix has understood and calls Doudou, a mobile robot who has the tool he needs.

Cupcake, come over here!

Felix asks the zooids, small robots on wheels who operate in a swarm, to show Doudou the way.

Show him the way,

The zooids guide Doudou through the factory…
…and lead him in the opposite direction from Felix, to play a joke on him.


He notices and - laughing - asks them to come back.

Stop, bunch of Gremlins!

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Episode II
Paolo & the blockchain
Paolo is thinking about what truly secure exchanges could be like.
Paolo has bought a headset, on the Internet, from a seller he does not know.

I've just bought a great headset from 'PeterSound44’…

On receiving his headset, delivered by a drone, he realises that the item is not in good condition.

… who I don't know.
The problem is
that we have
to trust.

He regrets the fact that every transaction does not have the level of security enabled by blockchain technology.

What would be good, is if everything was
traceable - like with bitcoins. With
confidentiality safeguards, obviously.

He dreams that he is riding an actual chain of reliable and mobile computer blocks - like a surfer.

It's transparent,
secure, automatic
and independent, but
we can do better.

On this chain, in a digital space where everything is perceptible and identifiable, he goes in search of his seller.

Everyone could exchange everything -
computer time, data on where
food comes from…

Having spotted the drone, he smashes into it with his block: with the blockchain, dishonest people will no longer be protected by anonymity.

… in total confidence!

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Episode III
Jules & his coffee machine
Jules is scowling at his coffee machine, which is filling up a mug.
He takes his cup and goes into his living room.

The other day, I read that a casino had
been hacked using a connected thermometer.

He opens up his computer.

I started to find out more about browsers,
engines, that kind of thing...

He smiles while staring into space.

...using a search engine
that genuinely respects

Via the network, a small animal is sucking up Jules' personal data through its trunk.

What is crazy, is that by installing extensions
to protect yourself, you risk being even easier
to identify! Websites are capable of recognising
your configuration, your typing speed, everything!

The network, which is scrambled, has disappeared and the little animal shrivels up.

Certain browsers really do seek to protect
privacy, by integrating cryptographic

Jules looks furiously at his coffee machine.

In any case, I don't look at
my coffee machine in the same
way anymore.

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Episode IV
Alexia & the Dead Dinosaurs
Alexia is sitting on the sofa, listening to a portable music player and reading a magazine. Her friend is behind her.
Alexia is talking about an article on artificial intelligence.

Do you realise,
with AI* you can produce
a new Rembrandt or
compose a Bach suite.

*Artificial intelligence

Her friend replies, giving the example of cinema special effects.

What I find amazing are
special effects, imaginary worlds.

With her fingers, she frames the toy dinosaur placed on a shelf.

With the things that researchers are developing,
we can see dead animals and directors can imagine
their films directly in 3D.

She gives another example: the reconstitution of a soundtrack using poor recordings.

They can even reconstitute a soundtrack
using poor recordings.

Alexia stands up, delighted.


She shows an old photo of herself, when she was a singer.

We're going to be able to listen

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Episode V
Stacy in her car
A sports car is driving in the countryside, music can be heard.
Stacy, a young black lady, is driving it.

This car obeys
my every move.

She touches the haptic dashboard lightly and the sound becomes louder.

Well, my fingers. The dashboard is totally tactile.
I touch it lightly and the volume increases.

The car goes through a village.

And soon, with brain-computer interfaces,
we'll be able to talk with our office:
display our desk diary, reschedule a meeting...

The car leaves the village.

We're not there yet, but we've already
succeeded in getting disabled people to write
sentences just by looking at a screen!

The car enters the town; we see an intelligent street light.

And, with urban sensors,
the pavements will tell me
where to park.

Stacy has parked her car in a street easily, because everything is in a network.

Sensors, connected objects everywhere,
everything will be in a network!
Piece of cake!

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Episode VI
A body & its double
A man is looking at a computer screen. His virtual image smiles at him.
What looks like a lunar landscape with craters is a close-up of a cell.

When we model living things,
we work on every scale; from molecules to cells
and from cells to organs.

Then a mountainous landscape, which is a close-up of a brain.

We can compare a real organ with its model,
after having learned how to recognise
the different areas.

Two researchers comment on an image of a brain.

For example, we can model
the markers of Alzheimer's disease
and detect it at its earliest

Then on the image of a modelled heart.

Here, it's a personalised virtual heart reproduced
using scans and MRIs.

A surgeon operates on a patient by looking at the same image.

Cardiologists can visualise their instruments
in real time during their operations.

The hologram of an entire body is projected between the two researchers.

Soon, every patient
will have their
digital double.

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Episode VII
Juliette in her space
Juliette is walking with her mother in a marina.
She notices a box attached to a barrier.

What is it?

A sensor.
It spots if there's
a boat moored
or not.

Her mother explains to her how this box - which is a sensor - works.

And then

It sends a signal.
As soon as there is a free
space, we can inform
the boats that are

Looking at the sky, her mother tells her about another kind of sensor.

Other sensors* are used
to observe all of
the dust that flies
in the air.

*Lidar sensors

Walking alongside some wind turbines, she explains to her how a wind map is made.

We make a model, then we know the
wind direction, if it's blowing fast.

She shows her this type of map on her phone.

...and we can install wind
turbines in the right

Later, on their balcony, they look at the starry sky together.


You see, we can have a map
of the port with the boats,
a map of the wind and even
a map of the stars!

We are shown the starry sky.

The stars?

Yes, and they move!
By watching how they move,
we might discover how
they are born.

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Episode VIII
Martin & the troll
Martin is in front of his computer. He is blind. A noise tells him that he has received an email.
The computer describes the photo he has just received - and that we can see - to him.

It's your parents. They're in Trouville.
They're with your grandma.

Martin smiles.


Then Martin looks very surprised.

There's a troll next door to your grandma.


His wife comes in and the light goes on.

Turn light on!

Still some
progress to be
made with image
I see...

Martin and his wife talk about artificial intelligence.

Yes, researchers are developing
loads of learning projects,
by the way. The voice is ok,
but AI* need humans.

*Artificial intelligence

His wife congratulates the computer

There you go,
that's a good

Looking at the photo, she confirms the computer's interpretation.

It's true that Uncle Arthur looks like a troll
when he wears his ushanka.

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